ALBA-TCP Executive Secretary: “The Nicaraguan people has given lessons of dignity to the world”

The Executive Secretary of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-Peoples’ Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP), Sacha Llorenti, participated in the commemoration of the 42nd anniversary of the victory of the Sandinista Revolution held on Monday, in Caracas.

In his statement, the ALBA-TCP Executive Secretary praised the lessons of dignity given by the Nicaraguan people to the world for decades.

“It is a timely moment to pay tribute to the Nicaraguan people and congratulate the achievements the Sandinista Revolution has offered to not only Nicaragua, but to the world in general,” said Llorenti.

Also, he asserted that the ALBA-TCP member countries are suffering constant attacks. Being Cuba the most recent case, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Venezuela have also been victims of an aggression followed by unilateral coercive measures that violate international law and the Charter of the United Nations.

The ALBA-TCP Executive Secretary condemned the fact that those imposing these measures are the ones who want to give lessons on democracy and peace to the peoples through the meddling of Non-Governmental Organizations, “which are not truly non-governmental, because they are an instrument of other States’ meddling foreign policy.”

In this regard, Llorenti rejected campaigns in social media against the countries that decided to be free. “With the robotization, mechanization and instrumentalization of these tools that should be used to get us closer and deepen dialogue among human beings,” he explained.

Finally, Llorenti highlighted that integration “exists to face challenges and defend the interests of our people.”

“One of the great examples of this worthy defense of our people is the defense put up by the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity led by Commander Daniel Ortega and Vice-president Rosario Murillo,” said Llorenti.

In Managua, President Daniel Ortega underscored the courage of the Nicaraguan people to defeat the U.S. intervention at a single stroke when Washington thought they were defeated.

Ortega said the battles faced by the countries include the fight against “the attempts of U.S. rulers to impose their hegemony, to be the rulers and lords of the planet, and even to take over the universe.”

The Nicaraguan president affirmed that “the era of the yankee hegemony expired. Now the peoples are fighting all around the world. The U.S. people are fighting courageously, and so are the European people against those countries that still dream of imposing their neocolonialist policies.”