ALBA-TCP Executive Secretary: ‘The peoples of America are heirs to their liberators’ fights’

The Executive Secretary of the Bolivarian Alliance for the People of Our America-Peoples’ Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP), Sacha Llorenti, offered a keynote address at the opening of the Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples of the World, held in Caracas.

In his address, Llorenti discussed issues such as the lessons of heroic deeds and the current challenges democracy must face in the region.

In this regard, Llorenti said that the peoples of America are heirs to their liberators’ fights, and they must honor them.

“We are the descendants of that bloodline of revolutionaries and anti-imperialists, and we must keep that memory alive. We cannot restrict our liberators to a piece of canvas or a piece of plaster,” he stressed.

Llorenti highlighted the Bolivarian sentiment in Venezuelans. “Simón Bolívar in Caracas is not a statue. He’s not a painting on a wall; he walks the streets among his people.”

The ALBA-TCP executive secretary asserted that the capitalist, neoliberal logic places liberators on a pedestal, when bringing life to their fights is the most important thing.

“It is important to bring life and give blood to our liberators,” he said.

Llorenti stressed the importance of being updated with the battle of ideas as they can change the world, and knowing the functioning of some international institutions like the Organization of American States (OAS) whose aim is to serve the empire to control the people.

He condemned the piracy actions taken by the U.S. Government when it kidnaps medical supplies that belong to other countries by imposing unilateral coercive measures.

Likewise, Llorenti explained that the work done by ALBA-TCP has to do with the Bolivarian independence feat and values because, faced with the imperial blockade and the pandemic, this organization has set a fund to purchase vaccines for low-income countries and taken actions to alleviate this situation.

The ALBA-TCP executive secretary said he was grateful for the invitation he received to attend the Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples of the World, to be held in Venezuela’s capital city through June 24, when the South American nation commemorates the Bicentennial of the Battle of Carabobo, the decisive heroic deed that sealed its independence.