Venezuela rejects statements by high representative of European Union

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela condemns the statement by the European Union High Representative, Federica Mogherini, intervening once again in affairs of exclusive responsibility of Venezuela and its legitimately constituted institutions. Again, subordination to Trump’s Administration strategy is perceived within the European External Action Service to provoke a change of government in Venezuela through unconstitutional means.

Such kind of meddling statement – usually made by the European Union every time that political dialogue channels are opened in Venezuela – instead of promoting, obstruct Venezuelans’ efforts to reach a sovereign agreement. The European Union, which considers itself a showcase of the modern west democracy, losses such feature before the International Community, by hiding the serious political violence events executed in the last months against the Venezuelan democracy, including Coup Attempts as occurred last April 30th. Defending coup leaders – who are responsible for political crimes – and those who call for a foreign military intervention in Venezuela, has turned into a usual practice within the European Union.

An evidence of the EU participation in the warmongering strategy leaded by Washington to provoke the collapse of the Venezuelan economy, lies in the fact that the huge majority of the Venezuelan people funds that are illegally frozen due to the US criminal financial and trade blockade, are precisely on deposit in Banks within the EU member States’ territories, while their governments and institutions do nothing for such illegally retained resources to be restored and satisfy the most urgent social needs of the Venezuelan people.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela urges the European Union to maintain a balanced and constructive position based on its constituting principles and respect Venezuela’s sovereignty and independence, encouraging its member States to definitively detach from the perverse imperialist plans against the Venezuelan people.

Caracas, June 19th, 2019