Venezuela expels diplomatic personnel from El Salvador

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela announces that it has decided to declare the members of the diplomatic staff of the Republic of El Salvador in Caracas as unpleasant persons, granting them 48 hours to leave Venezuelan territory. This decision is taken in strict application of the principle of reciprocity, following the unprecedented announcement by the Government of El Salvador to expel duly accredited Venezuelan diplomatic personnel in that country.

It is more than evident that, in this case, the Salvadoran authorities are trying to provide nothing but a meagre supply of oxygen to the waning U.S. strategy of intervention and economic blockade against the Venezuelan people.  In this way, Najib Bukele officially assumes the sad role of pawn of U.S. foreign policy, honoring the humiliating treatment that the United States has given to its fellow citizens in matters of immigration policy.

The history of Our America is marked by the struggles and victories of free Peoples over betrayal and surrender. Those rulers who take advantage of the popular will to subordinate themselves to the designs of the empire of the moment, end sooner rather than later, condemned to ostracism and the general repudiation of their Peoples.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela ratifies that it will always be at the service of El Salvador to consolidate peace, sovereignty, independence and integration. No passing farce will affect the deep and historical ties that have united and will unite the Salvadoran people and the Venezuelan people, forever and ever.

Caracas, November 03, 2019