ALBA-TCP rejects interference and meddling by the secretary general of the Organization of American States in the internal affairs of the Plurinational State of Bolivia

The member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-People’s Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP) strongly reject the acts of interference and meddling in the internal affairs of the Plurinational State of Bolivia committed by the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro.

The ALBA-TCP countries warn the international community about these actions that constitute a very serious violation of the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations. They also denounce that such actions only promote confrontation and destabilization scenarios of the democratic processes that the Bolivian people freely decided to undertake. A clear example of this is the role of the OAS in the coup d’état, during and after the 2019 Bolivian electoral process.

As warned in the Statement of the 17th Summit of Heads of State and Government of ALBA-TCP, held in Havana, Cuba, on December 14th, 2020, during the de facto government in Bolivia: “intolerance, racism and brutal repression against social movements and native peoples have multiplied in Bolivia, with the clear determination to revert the achievements by its people”.

Likewise, the ALBA-TCP countries condemn the clearly biased attitude of Mr. Almagro – totally against the principles of the OAS – who once again seeks to generate conflict in Bolivia and, at the same time, disregards the serious human rights violations during the de facto government, a period in which several human lives were lost.

Within the framework of international law, the Bolivian people and its institutions are exclusively the only ones legally and democratically constituted to make the decisions they deem pertinent without any kind of external pressure.

The ALBA-TCP member countries reaffirm their solidarity and support to the Plurinational State of Bolivia, to the government of President Luis Arce Catacora and to all the Bolivian people.

Caracas, March 18th, 2021