Communiqué from the ALBA-TCP Executive Secretariat on the Nicaraguan Elections


The Executive Secretariat of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America – Peoples’ Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP) welcomes the democratic spirit of the People of the Republic of Nicaragua, which in a historic day once again reaffirms its determination to fight for peace and the defense of its independence and sovereignty.

Likewise, it congratulates Commander Daniel Ortega Saavedra and Comrade Rosario Murillo on their reelection as President and Vice President of the Republic of Nicaragua, respectively. It also congratulates the representatives elected to both the National Assembly and the Central American Parliament.

The Secretariat stresses that – despite direct and indirect pressures and interference threats – the Nicaraguan people have given a new lesson on democracy and civic responsibility, by actively participating in the electoral process and freely voting for their representatives.

Furthermore, the Secretariat recognizes the huge economic, social and political achievements of the Sandinista Revolution that allow consolidating better conditions for the progress of the homeland of Augusto César Sandino and Benjamín Zeledón.

Sacha Sergio Llorenti

Executive Secretary of ALBA-TCP