ALBA-TCP commemorates 4F anniversary


The member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America – Peoples’ Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP) join the commemoration of the thirtieth anniversary of the Venezuelan Military Rebellion on February 4th, 1992, a historic event that was the birth of the Bolivarian Revolution led by Commander Hugo Chávez Frías.

         Three decades have passed since Commander Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías – together with the heroic Venezuelan people – decided to break the chains that had plunged the nation into a nightmare of inequalities and guided this Homeland through the path of anti-imperialist struggles. That February 4th event awakened the patriotic spirit of a brave and fighting people, a spirit that lay dormant among the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean.

         The ALBA-TCP member countries congratulate the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on this special day in the history of Venezuela and the entire continent. Thanks to this awakening, those wise words of our national heroes calling for the unity of our peoples came back to our memories and with that, this Alliance became a reality, today even more anti-imperialist than ever.

Caracas, February 03rd, 2022