The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America – Peoples’ Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP) invites artists, creators and the general public to participate in the open call for the “Arts and Literature ALBA Contest 2022” centered on the topic:

The bicentennial battle between the Latin American and Caribbean doctrines and the Monroe Doctrine

Such Latin American and Caribbean doctrines to be developed may be the Bolivarian, Marti’s and/or Sandinista doctrines.

The purpose of the call for applications:

1. The purpose of this call is to encourage the creation of artistic and literary works offering a cash prize and support for their dissemination.

Conditions for participation:

2. The call is open to creators over 18 years old and from any country.

3. Participants will have creative freedom for the submission of their work, which should be based on the concepts and contexts related to the general topic set forth in the preamble of this call.

4. Only one (1) work per participant will be allowed to be submitted in one (1) of the following artistic disciplines:

  • For the short story, poetry and essay genres: participating works must be completely unknown, i.e., they must not have been published or awarded in other contests and must be based on the topic of this call. Participating works must be submitted as an attached file with a maximum length of up to 15 pages total; in 1.5 spacing, Arial font, size 12, in PDF format. (In the case of essays, it may be up to a maximum of 45 pages total).
  • Short film script: Each of the proposals for short films must consist of:
  • Tagline: Description of the idea no longer than one (1) sentence,
  • Logline: explanation of the idea no longer than two (2) lines,
  • Storyline: explanation of the idea no longer than five (5) lines,
  • Synopsis: explanation of the idea no longer than one (1) page,
  • Description of main characters: Description per character no longer than one (1) paragraph of five (5) lines.
  • Script: Development of the script presented in no less than ten (10) pages and no more than twelve (12) pages.
  • It should also include a provisional title.
  • Song: The song must be submitted in manuscript (melody, lyrics and lead sheet) and/or recorded with the lyrics printed on a separate sheet of paper. A MIDI or MP3 file of the work must also be submitted on CD marked on the outside with the composer’s pseudonym and the name of the work. On the inside, the title with the name of the work if required. No other information may be placed inside the CD, otherwise it will be disqualified. The submission may also be made in digital format.

For the visual art genres, the central topic to be developed will be “Our America”

  • Painting: Series of three (3) plastic or graphic works. The works as a whole must not exceed 1.5 meters on their largest side as a final measure (framed or assembled according to the montage layout), nor weigh over 30 kilograms, and must be made of materials suitable for their preservation, transportation and future montage. Plastic or graphic works in NFT format are also eligible.
  • Photography: Series of three (3) printed or digital photographs. The works as a whole must not exceed 1.5 meters on its largest side as a final measure (framed or assembled according to the montage layout), nor weigh over 30 kilograms, and must be made of materials suitable for their preservation, transportation and future montage.
  • Design: logo for the Fifth ALBA Sports Games 2023 for a poster in high resolution digital format.

5. The submission dossier must be written in Spanish and English, in single-spaced, letter-size pages, in Arial font, size 12.

6. Conditions for submission. The work must be unpublished and original, which means that it should not have participated in previous national or international contests, nor have received partial or total recognition or funding for its production, nor have it been published or filmed at the time it is submitted to the contest. Adaptations of literary, visual or audiovisual works will not be accepted.

7. Content that may be offensive to the public because of race, gender, social, political, religious, sexual preference or other is not allowed.

Selection of works:

8. Selection of works. The jury, made up of six (6) recognized professionals in the area, will select winning artworks, one (1) for each discipline, considering the following aspects: originality and creativity of the idea, feasibility as well as its adequacy to the rules and topic of this Open Call.

Presentation of the works:

9. Proposals should be sent to premiosalba2022@gmail.com in digital format, together with a cover page containing the following information:


b. Title

c.  Author

d. Identity Card Number or passport

e. E-mail

f.  Telephone Number

g. Curriculum Vitae

h. Discipline competing

10.   In addition, the following documents must be attached:

a.   Written consent signed by the participant, where he/she declares that he/she has not been awarded any previous prizes, has no copyright commitments with third parties, is not participating in any other event and accepts to comply with the rules of this contest.

b.   ID card or passport scanned.

11. Duration of the Call. Open from August to November 14, 2022.

Except for the “Design” category, for which the deadline for receiving posters will be October 15, 2022.

The Executive Secretariat and the results:

12. The Executive Secretariat will be in charge of appointing the Jury, which will be made up of prestigious writers, artists and researchers of recognized experience, whose names will be announced in due course.

13. The Jury’s decision regarding the selection of the winning works shall be final and may be declared void.

14. Results. The results of the call will be published in December 2022 through public media, social networks and the winners will be notified via email.


15.  The prize will be $3000 for the winning work in each of the disciplines and the special distinctions considered by the Jury.

16. Participants agree to transfer to ALBA-TCP the physical and virtual exhibition rights of the works produced within the framework of this open call. Whenever any of the awarded works is presented, broadcast or recorded by any sound or audiovisual media or edited, it must be mentioned as: “Work awarded in the 2022 Arts and Literature ALBA Contest“.

17. Anything not provided for in these rules will be defined by the Jury.

18. Participation in this Open Call means the awareness, understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Caracas, August 2022